Tuesday Update 12/27/2011

I hope you all are having a nice holiday season.

Minecraft News:
Notch has already tweeted about a Minicraft 2.0 after his Ludum Dare 22 entry.
Jens has been busy with the alpha release of Cobalt, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing much Minecraft work soon. However, it has been stated that he is making Mod API number one priority. We should expect a news update late January if anything.

Server News:
I just updated all of the plugins in the server, so they should be good for a while.
Eric (RicoEsMiNombre) is accepting new people into the Faction Embassy, if you’d like to become part of it, please talk to him.
If you have anything else you’d like to add, please comment below or send me a message.

Website News:
I will be working on adding some content to the website shortly. I have just finished the Donation page.
Also, I will be transferring domain registrars on December 29th.
In case you cannot connect to corruptedmc.net or play.corruptedmc.net, here are the addresses for the website and Minecraft server:

Website: corruptedmc.go-networks.net

Also, please sign up to this site, for I will be updating less and less to the Facebook group so we can broaden our community outside of Facebook.

If you have any issues, please message me or send me an email at magicpat2010@corruptedmc.net or magicpat2010@gmail.com.

Have a wonderful day,
~Server Owner for an Awesome Community

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  1. James Hochadel says:

    Correction: Notch tweeted about Minicraft 2, not Minecraft 2.

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