Quick Update

Okay, so here is all of the news from the server meeting. All enchantments will primarily stay how they are, considering they’re benefiting the server and helping pull people to join the server. The “Spawned” Spawn will also stay, seeing as it makes for a great intro for people who have newly joined our server.

Pwner- Patrick Bollinger
Admins- Kyle R. Cracraft & Chad Gottberg.
Mods- John Guido Vitullo, Mike DiTosto, Robert Emanuel & Buddy Ludt
New Police- Alex Hummel & James Hochadel.
Server Maintenance- Eric Hummel & George Kubas (cleaning safezones of creeper damage)

We will be adding others to the new “Police” group on the server. The Police group will be able to temporarily take care of any problems on the server, until they can get an Admin or Mod on to remedy the situation. Persons will be added to the Police accordingly, depending on server needs and show of responsibility. We hope this has helped clear up any concerns you all had. Make sure to post on here or on the Corruptedmc.net website.

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