Tuesday Update 02/21/2012

I updated all the plugins and Bukkit itself.

RicoEsMiNombre, I blew a hole in your faction again, to test to see if factions protected it yet, since they updated TNT stuff…. it didn’t.

Cecil29000 and I can now use the IRC. 😀 Everyone else can too, just we primarily use it.

Epopour122 and I can no longer hack, I installed anti-xray mod stuff and anti-hack/flying mod stuff. 😀

RushRookie and ~Ulrich, I have no translation plugin for you guys… sorry :/

Also, hopefully I can upgrade the server next billing period. 😀

I get to go home early, so this is all I have for an update.
Hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. James Hochadel says:

    Hey Pat,
    I put some styling around the ad on the right so it’s got a background (the white box), and hopefully if I get some time this weekend I’ll do the same for the one on the bottom. I’m glad to hear from FB that the ad strategy is working! 😀
    In unrelated news, I think 1.2 is coming out tomorrow. Perhaps a Thursday update is called for! I’ll write something up if you’re busy.

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