Gameplan for the Server

Checkout the gameplan for the server’s coming updates.

Or read it here:


  • Fix chat (almost done, just need to change the name of the worlds)
    • main = world
    • main_n = nether, so on and so forth
    • Pretty much done with this, just need to tweak the ranks from [OWNER] to [O] and stuff like that
  • Change faction power
    • Increase max power from 10 to 15
    • Increase min power from -10 to -5


  • Link the pvp_nether to the pvp world
  • Prepare all permission files and config files for Sunday 1/6/2013


  • Busy, so doubt much will get done


  • Make the main world peaceful
    • Pvp will be completely disabled on the main, main_n, and main_e worlds.
  • Open the pvp world to all players


  • Busy, so doubt much will get done


  • Work on spawn for the pvp world.
  • Work on warzone for the pvp world


  • Work on spawn for the main world
  • See what people think of the new world and split


  • Add new spawn to main world
  • Figure out a new warp station system
  • Update mcMMO
  • Update Factions
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  1. vgplo vgplo says:


    Are mobs not meant to spawn in main world or was this unintended? Since the maintenance nothing spawns outside of the nether….

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