Happy 2 Year Anniversary, CorruptedMC

Hello Corrupted Crew,

Congratulations to us! 😀

That’s right, we have been up and running for 2 years.

It’s amazing to think how it started in a dorm room and grew this much.

Good things are coming for the server, fellow Moderators and Admins are returning to the server after a break of not being on the server. We have plans on making the server grow to its former strength, and ensuring that only the best of members stay.  What does that mean for the average player? Admins and Moderators will begin to log on more and host events and play with all of you.  Hope you’re prepared for some chickens to storm your factions. 😀

I plan on writing a Thursday update, so long as I finish one of my school projects by then.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the server since the beginning, the middle, and all of the newest members.  I thank each and every one of you guys who take part of this community, and I will be doing my best to ensure you all of you will enjoy being here.

Happy to be your Server Overlord for 2 years,

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