Friday Update 4/5/2013

Hello Everyone, it has been a while.

Sorry for the lack of posts and being on the server, there is a lot going on with work/school/projects that it’s hard to update this as much as I would like.

While you guys have been playing on the latest update of 1.5.1, the admins have been working on a new spawn and premium shop for all of you.

Today, I just finished phase 1, which is connecting votes to the economy system.  When you vote, you will collect 1 CorruptedCash (Ç).  Once we settle on a price list, we will post it and try to incorporate it into the current spawn.

Phase 2 is to create a new spawn building. There is no plan to destroy old spawn, just give a fresh addition to the area.  We talked about using old WarZone as a starting point, but it is still a work in progress.

Phase 3 will be preparing the new spawn.  Everything will be sign based (warp station, premium shop, information) since it is the quickest thing to edit and work with.  Warps in the warp station will also be available via command.

The final Phase will be adding the new spawn and features to the main world. Before this phase, all activities will be on a separate world on the server.  Only when we have a clear idea of what we think will be best for the server, is when we will add it to the main world.

After that phase, all of you can look around, enjoy the new site, buy new items unobtainable in-game, and try out the new warp station.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment.

Thank you.

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3 Responses to Friday Update 4/5/2013

  1. ethanbeta2 says:

    Hey Pat i have a question… WHy am i banned for “threating and fighting”? If you heard this from chef he just wants me to get banned. I nedver fought anyone. Can you please un-ban me? Besides i need to privately talk to you. Thanks!

  2. Matt Matt says:


    There is a place in the forums to appeal bans.


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