If you appreciate the server and would like to help improve it, please donate to it.

All donations are kept track of here. This server is ran by donations, so we hope you can lend us a hand to keep it running.

In order to show gratitude for donations, there is a chart below that describes the perks you receive FOREVER for donating.

Donation Amount Perk
$5 /spawn – Teleport back to spawn
Use McMMO Abilities 
$7.50 /tpa – Teleport to another player, if they allow it.
/tpahere – Teleport another player to your location, if they allow it.
$10 Keep your inventory upon death.
Keep your experience upon death.
$15 /back – Teleport back to where you died, or the last location you were, before you teleported.

You can donate via Paypal or by sending appropriate USD through the mail.
Donations are non-refundable.

Mailing address: Paypal:
Patrick Bollinger
PO Box 31
Struthers, OH 44471

If you can’t donate, but still want to get perks, lookout for server events and compete in them. I want to try and make it the server fair, so these events will give you perks until the next event, if you succeed.

21 Responses to Donate

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  2. Robert says:

    good stuff but u should add 12.50 for 10 diamond

  3. Robert says:

    imma donate soon!!!!!

  4. Rob Miller says:

    How about /ban for $20? If that’s even real. Or maybe $9001 to rule the server for a week lol

  5. one00percent says:

    Hey Pat its me one. I just donated 15 dollars and there was no place to put my name so how do you know it was me? So please get back to me so I know that you got the money.

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  8. ~Zig says:

    Donating is worth it guys! You get many awesome perks plus you help out the server! Plus if you wanted to you coul scrape up $5 in a week maybe And help the server out!

  9. Zman says:

    if i donate will i get the perks automatically?

  10. Darth_Nihilius says:

    i just donated 15 dollars

  11. Darth_Nihilius says:


  12. cod95108 says:

    im thinking of donating $100 lol i think that would help the server

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