Server Migration Progress (9/9)

Today is the day, working on the server now.
Asterisk (*) marks what step the server is at.

UPDATED: 2/3/2013 8:59 PM EST

1.) Cleanup server files
2.) Backup server
3.) Send a ticket to new host and have them download the files
4.) Extract files on new server
5.) Test server
6.) Update server to 1.4.7
7.) Test server again
8.) Redirect to new server
*9.) Fix miscellaneous things that are minor. (SERVER IS PLAYABLE)

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Server Maintenance 2/2/2013

Hello CorruptedMC Players,

Our server will be under maintenance tomorrow (2/2/2013), and will be down for the majority of the day.

When the server is back up, we should be on our new host and you should see an improvement in the speed of the server.

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Hello Everyone,

Test server is up and running the latest snapshot. You can get the snapshot from

Make a backup of your old .jar. Put the new minecraft.jar in your bin folder. Do not update when it prompts you.

The server IP address is:

Please log on and see how the lag is.

If you can’t figure out how to get the snapshot (13w04a) check out this YouTube tutorial:

Thank you, and all participants will get $5 CMC Bucks when it comes out.

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1.4.7 will be playable on our 1.4.6 server

1.4.7 is coming out tomorrow.
It will be OKAY to UPDATE.
You will be able to log onto the server still.

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Gameplan for the Server

Checkout the gameplan for the server’s coming updates.

Or read it here:


  • Fix chat (almost done, just need to change the name of the worlds)
    • main = world
    • main_n = nether, so on and so forth
    • Pretty much done with this, just need to tweak the ranks from [OWNER] to [O] and stuff like that
  • Change faction power
    • Increase max power from 10 to 15
    • Increase min power from -10 to -5


  • Link the pvp_nether to the pvp world
  • Prepare all permission files and config files for Sunday 1/6/2013


  • Busy, so doubt much will get done


  • Make the main world peaceful
    • Pvp will be completely disabled on the main, main_n, and main_e worlds.
  • Open the pvp world to all players


  • Busy, so doubt much will get done


  • Work on spawn for the pvp world.
  • Work on warzone for the pvp world


  • Work on spawn for the main world
  • See what people think of the new world and split


  • Add new spawn to main world
  • Figure out a new warp station system
  • Update mcMMO
  • Update Factions
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