New Server Plans

Working on the document for the server.

It will have all rules, how the server will operate, etc.

You guys can comment on it as I type, as well as chat.

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Important Update – Please Read – 12/17/2012

Monday Update

Hello Everyone, I have a lot to discuss so let’s jump right to it.

First, I’ll cover the most recent news, leg3ndcrafter and his group of buddies.  He posted some stuff on the forum, but I have already restored everything that was damaged, banned the accounts, and everything is fine there.  If you get word that his friends are on the server again, let me know.

Now that those kiddies are taken care of, time to focus on the veterans of CorruptedMC.  I am disappointed in what some of you have done while I was gone.  Some of you blatantly twisted the rules that are in place, bashed each other, and disrespected the server and me.  Words can’t describe how angry I am with the fact that the players I thought I could trust would cause me the most amount of stress while I was away.  As many of you know, Ethan (epopour122) has been banned for purposely griefing a peaceful faction.  Rolling with the punishments, Eric and George (RicoEsMiNombre and gsk91/STITCHES_14) are being stripped of their ranks for the blatant disrespect for the server, its players, and me.  Ranked members are supposed to be role models.

All is not bad though, I applaud Matt (Silvaticus08) for his behavior while I was gone.  He demonstrated how the rules should be interpreted case by case, rather than read black & white.  As for the rest of the players, you are all good. Thank you for not being disruptive while I was away.

Continuing with the rules, they need to be changed. A lot of stuff needs to be changed. I plan on rewriting the rules and making them as basic and understandable as possible.  Biggest rule of them all, don’t be a jerk (in kid-friendly terms).  There will be standard rules that many of you are familiar with. Then, the last rule will be, I have the final say.  Now, everyone should know that I try to mind everyone’s opinion and make the best decision based on how everyone else feels about an issue.  Although I cannot make everyone happy, I will try my best to ensure the majority is happy.  I am not here to be a “dictator.” I am here to provide a place where you can freely enjoy company of other players, doing whatever you enjoy doing on Minecraft.

With these new rules, I’m thinking of dividing things up.  Right now, we have peaceful factions living next to non-peaceful factions, and they can get caught up in the fighting.  I want to get rid of this since it creates confusing rules, confused players, and unclear decisions.  To help remove confusion, I propose two worlds. Have one world for PvP factions and another one for Peaceful factions.  You can play on both worlds, and it will almost be like two different servers.  You’ll be able to communicate across worlds, have the same mcMMO levels, but you cannot trade across worlds.  Some of you have been suggesting a new world for resource purposes, but with this idea, the PvP world will be new.  For the peaceful world, I will let factions assign a chunk (times the number of people in their faction) that they wish to be regenerated. So, if you have 3 people in your faction, you’ll get 3 regenerated chunks.  Also, factions are separated across worlds, so in PvP you can be grouped with 3 players, while in Peaceful you are grouped with 3 completely different players.  I will try to make a video explanation of this process as soon as I figure out how to implement it. 😀

As for the rules for the new worlds, the PvP world will have fighting and stuff allowed, whereas the Peaceful world will have no griefing/fighting rules.  There will be standard rules for both worlds, such as no hacking, but all of those will be discussed at a later time.  For those that have already voted for splitting of worlds, please reconsider your vote.  If there is anything you want me to elaborate on more, please let me know.

I have not finalized on splitting the worlds, but I’m leaning towards it since it should make interpreting rules easier, as well as giving people the game play they seek. If you want fighting and chaos, then go to PvP. If you want to play Minecraft like a co-op game without fighting, then go to Peaceful.

Finally, I would like to address that last sentence on the second-to-last paragraph. You guys need to communicate with me if there is anything wrong.  I hear that everyone is talking amongst themselves, criticizing the way things are, and letting tension build.  However, only one person came to me to privately address issues.  Instead of posting stuff on Facebook or talking about things online, think, “Should this be sent to Patrick instead so we can talk about it?” or “Would this hurt the server’s, other player’s and/or Patrick’s reputation?”  I know I have been gone for a couple weeks, but things have been very quiet for a couple months before I left.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and being a part of the server.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you,
Server Overlord

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Meeting Soon

What’s everyone doing Tuesday?

I think I’m going to have an all day event where you can come talk to me, ask questions, report problems and everything like that. At the end of the day have a meeting where I will address everything that has been said and figure out what is wrong with the server, why everyone is so angry, and how we can resolve these issues.

What do you guys say?

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I’m back.

Hey CorruptedMC Crew,

The semester is over, so I’m ready to face all the server chaos.

First, here is the YouTube video I promised.

Now, there was a lot of drama that occured while I was gone. I plan on addressing everything soon, having a meeting, and resolving a lot of issues in the next month.

Play nice,
Server Overlord

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School Mode: Activated

Hello everyone,

Just letting you all know that I will be completely inactive for the next 2 weeks.

It is nearly the end of the semester and I have A LOT of things to do.  To help stay focused, I will be disconnecting myself from Facebook, Twitter, etc. until the semester is over.

If there is an absolute emergency, such as I need to call authorities because of what is being said on the server, talk to someone who has my number (1ClosetNerd, RicoEsMiNombre, not sure who else has it).  Otherwise, please do not contact me.

If somebody is acting dumb and needs a ban, take plenty of screenshots and I’ll look at them when I come back.

Thank you for the understanding, and I will post a video of me dancing to Psy’s Gangnam Style when I return.

Be good,
~Server Overlord / Procrastinating Student / Master Dancer

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