Server Hierarchy

This page will have the authoritative figures on the server, along with corresponding email addresses in case of need to contact.


  • magicpat2010 ~
  • 1ClosetNerd ~

Administrators (Admin):

  • xStarEclipse
  • Jester94752 ~
  • kyle25759 ~ (AFK)
  • xdfunxd ~ (AFK)

Moderators (Mod):

  • PROJolteon (AFK)
  • jhochadel (AFK)

Supervisors (Super):

  • Silvaticus08
  • kubs3891 – George (AFK)
  • UlrichKarnyga – Ulrich (AFK)
  • atboggs (AFK)


  • crepylegohelper / Michael
  • monstertruck100 / Old_Mason
  • SOMANYGOAT (Honorary)

14 Responses to Server Hierarchy

  1. Stitches_14 says:

    Can i please be PoPo…or server maintenace?

  2. somanygoat says:

    Change to be added:
    I’m a police member now, SOMANYGOAT.

  3. jack22767 jack22767 says:

    i will volunteer to be a police officer

  4. Zman says:

    can i b sm

    also can some1 tell me what all those jobs are capable of?

  5. atboggs says:

    It has been suggested to me recently that I apply to join the police. I would like to formally extend my application to join the Police, I feel I can be just and fair in settling any disputes that may occur while I am on the server.

  6. atboggs says:

    I would like to become a candidate for server maintenance. I think I can quickly and effectively keep server build repaired and neat.

  7. bobmaster13 says:

    someone update this thing?

  8. James Hochadel says:

    Fixed, thanks for bumping it Bob!

  9. George Kinnard Jr. says:

    This needs to be updated to include my name in SM.

  10. cod95108 says:

    i would like to become a candidate for server maintenance to help keep up with server build warzones anything that needs fixed up.

  11. cod95109 says:

    Hoping i could become a candidate for the police

  12. Kylex5005 says:

    THis needs to be updated

  13. Marpole says:

    So, imma assume this is the application place, and imma go for a long shot. Hi, I am Smorez, and I wanna be a god!

    • .Ulrich says:

      As one of the few deities on the server, I will consider your application. You must however state you attributes and fields of allmightiness on 3 signed copies of the G07 form you can access via Skynet.
      May your believers ever be numerous,
      Ludan Buddha Christ, Deity of France.

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