You can vote for us on different Minecraft server listings by clicking on the various images/links below. All links will open up in a new page or window.

By voting for us, you will get one CorruptedCash (Ç) for each vote. 😀

Minecraft Server CorruptedMC

Vote for CorruptedMC - 2


Vote for CorruptedMC - 4

Vote for CorruptedMC – Site #5

Vote for Corruptedmc – Site #7

8 Responses to Vote

  1. FreshCoconut123 says:

    I voted cus dis server is BAWSS. XD

  2. .Ulrich says:

    I’m confused by some of them websites… MCSL for example has some servers (many actually) with a ranking of 12+ which have 0.0% uptime, 0/x people online, 0 votes… While ours has 6 votes (6 ! yay !), N/A uptime but around 94% from what others have, and 1/45 people online on average, and we only get a ranking of
    So yeah. Me confused much.

  3. Donovan_ says:

    What a wonderful way for me to trade villagers for no real cost, thanks Pat!

  4. ethanbeta2 says:

    I try to vote daily now… Do any of you?

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